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BAYS by eBay

Project / Advertising Campaign
Submission / D&AD New Blood Awards 2023
Art Director / Meg Clark
Copywriter(s) / Lucia Chirinos Garay & Visia Zito 

BAYS by eBay

Project / Advertising Campaign
Submission / D&AD New Blood Awards 2023
Art Director / Meg Clark
Copywriter(s) / Lucia Chirinos Garay & Visia Zito 

Project / Uni Coursework 
Designer / Meg Clark

twisted tales2-01.jpg
packaging design

Visual Brand Identity + Packaging Design

The Backstory
As part of my MSc in Creative Advertising I undertook the module 'Design for Beginners'.
Where I was tasked for one of my pieces of coursework to develop a visual brand identity for a brief of my choice - of which I chose the Craft Beer Brief. The reason behind my decision was because at the time I had never even had a sip of Craft Beer before and I wanted to challenge myself on developing a brand where I had no prior intel into the products and/or industry.

Since graduation, I have reworked this project. Keeping the visual style near enough identical but just adding in elements of design from new skills I have picked up since leaving.

The ObjecTIVE

Create a hypothetical visual brand identity for a Craft Beer Company. The branding needs to appeal to a target audience of people in their mid-to-late twenties, who are not big beer connoisseurs. The branding equally needs to be totally unique to competition on the shelf, but also offer a memorable identity. 

The logo + mr hops

Screenshot 2024-02-23 at 14.29.08.png


Screenshot 2024-02-23 at 14.31.42.png


The Thought Process

The initial idea for the logo was to create something slightly ridiculous for a Craft Beer Company - with a juxtaposition of this childlike friendly, sophisticated octopus (Mr.Hops) mixed with the identity of Craft Beer. Characters featured on Craft Beer bottles isn't something new to market. However, the typical characters are more grungier think; goblins (King Goblin), Skeletons (Beavertown) and Monkey's on Tanks (Floyd's Barbarian Haze) - which can sometimes, be off-putting to those who are not big beer consumers. 

I wanted to create a visual identity that said 'Craft Beer isn't so scary'.


When I originally made the initial logo, I had limited skills on Adobe Illustrator. So, the beloved Mr.Hops character was made by combining various shapes together, which did give me the look I was going for at the time. However, I have since that time I have gained a lot more confidence in using the pencil tool in Adobe Illustrator, which allowed me to hand-draw Mr.Hops into more of a realistic shape.


The colour palette takes inspiration from bright coral reefs and seaside beach-huts. Combining a mixture of blues, pinks and a stand-out red.



The primary font was used for all of the headings and sub-headings. Whilst the secondary fonts was used for complimentary accents.



CAN MOCK UP_edited.jpg
Bottle Mock-Up.png


twisted tales2-05.jpg
twisted tales2-02.jpg

The initial packaging design used a beige background with bright pops of colour, for the can. With the bottles being multi-coloured, with unique patterns and Mr.Hops in various colour ways. It also included the lyrics to Rappers Delight, as a slight 'twist' (excuse the poor pun).

The updated design includes new hand-drawn illustrations of the inspired coral reef, which I made on Adobe Illustrator, brighter colours and the new updated jolly Mr.Hops. Whilst I kept some elements the same, I wanted to showcase my illustration skills and also make the can much brighter and eye-catching.


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